Pedal to the Metal

Miniature Painting Contest

Friday 4 pm to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 1 pm–NEW TWIST THIS YEAR

Howard Hues® paint lines will be sponsoring this 5th Annual Painting Event. The painting contest is open to registered/paid convention attendees. A nominal entry fee of $3.00 per entry for the competition will be donated to the American Red Cross for our Overseas Service Personnel. Select from figures, prepped, primed and based prior to the event for this competition. Participants will need to complete a registration form at the beginning of each session. Only one figure is eligible for submission for per session. Entries must be painted on site during a single session. There will be 3 session levels this year–90 minute NOVICE–45 minute EXPERIENCED–20 minute MASTERS. All entries are held until the judging on Saturday at 3:00-4:00 pm and your miniatures can be picked up at 6 pm. Prizes will be awarded. Please stop by and check it out.

Pedal to the Metal Entry Form PDF Event Registration Form

Pedal to the Metal – 2 Hour Timed Painting Contest

 Competition Rules and Regulations


1.      I understand entries must be made in-person by the painter. Any entry proven to be painted by anyone other than the entrant will be disqualified. I will forfeit all prizes and be barred from entry for future RockCon competitions.

2.      I agree to pay a nominal competition entry fee of $3.00 per model that will be subsequently donated to this year’s designated charity.

3.      Entrants must use supplies provided. This includes, but is not limited to paints, brushes, figures, glue, tools and lighting.

4.      I understand each session must have at least four submissions or be combined and judged with another session, per management decision.

5.      I understand all models must be painted to completion within one of the three level sessions : 90 min. NOVICE — 45 min. EXPERIENCED — 20 min. MASTER.

6.      I agree to submit my entry at the end of the session and acknowledge it will be held until judging on Saturday afternoon after the last session.

7.      I agree entries may be photographed. See further information below.

8.      I agree RockCon Staff, Volunteers and competition management cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost miniatures. We treat all miniatures with respect and will do our best to keep them safe.

9.      I agree all decisions of the judges and management will be final.

10.      Entries and prizes must be picked up by 6 pm on Saturday, or I agree to pay shipping and handling for my entry(ies) and prize(s) to be mailed. If I fail to reply to their attempts to contact me by phone or by email within 1 month of the end of the convention, prizes will be forfeit and entries still in their possession will become property of the convention.

11.  My signature on this form indicates I agree to photography of myself and/or miniatures by the convention staff, volunteers and/or the competition management, as well as other media persons with an interest in showcasing miniatures of this event. RockCOn management will request that no pictures be published by print or Internet without information on the figure(s), the painter’s name and this event, but cannot guarantee compliance in all cases or by media not associated with the convention.

Rock-Con would like to thank our sponsor;