24 figs, 12 mounted figs, 3 guns or 2 vehicles per pack unless otherwise noted.

All Infantry Packs $6.99, All Vehicle and Artillery Packs $7.99 except when noted.

World War II American Civil War Franco-Prussian War 1879 Zulu War Range Ancients Starter Sets

World War II

United States
USinf 100:   100 Man Infantry Starter Pack  $24.99
USinf 102:   24 Riflemen
USinf 103:   12 LMGs
USinf 104:   12 HMGs
USinf 105:   12 Bazooka
USinf 106:   8 Mortar & Crew
USinf 107:   24 Command
USInf 108:   24 Artillery Crew

US101:       2 Stuart M3
US102:       2 M3 Lee
US103:       2 Sherman M4 75mm
US104:       2 Sherman M4A1 (Cast Hull)
US105:       2 Sherman M4A1 76mm (Cast Hull M3 Suspension)
US106:       2 Sherman M4A3 75mm Early
US107:       2 Sherman M4A3 76mm (Early)
US108:       2 Sherman M4A3 75mm (Late)
US109:       2 Sherman M4A3 76mm Late
US110:       2 Sherman M4A3E8 Sherman 76mm HVSS
US111:       2 Sherman M4A3 CS 105mm Howitzer
US112:       2 M24 Chaffee
US113:       2 M10 Tank Destroyer (Early no counterwieght)
US114:       2 M10 Tank Destroyer (Triangle counterwieght)
US115:       2 M10 Tank Destroyer (Duckbill counterwieght)
US116:       2 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
US117:       2 M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer
US201:       2 M7B1 Priest 105mm Self-Propelled Gun
US301:       2 M3 White Scout Car
US302:       2 M3 Halftrack
US303:       2 M8 Greyhound Car
US401:       4 Jeep
US402:       2 Dodge 3/4 Ton Cargo Truck
US402a:      2 Dodge 3/4 Ton Cargo Truck with Tilt
US403:       2 Dodge 1 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck
US403a:      2 Dodge 1 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck with Tilt
US404:       2 GMC 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck
US404a:      2 GMC 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck with Tilt
US405:       2 GMC 2 1/2 Ton Fuel/Water Truck
US405a:      2 GMC 2 1/2 Ton Office Truck
US406:       2 Studebaker 2 1/2 Ton cargo Truck
US406a:      2 Studebaker 2 1/2 Ton cargo Truck with Tilt
US407:       2 Studebaker 2 1/2 Ton Truck Fuel & Water (1 each)
US407a:      2 Studebaker 2 1/2 Ton Truck Office
US408:       2 DUKW
US409:       Dodge 3/4 ton Command Car (Patton)
US901:       Transport Company (12 Assorted trucks)     $29.99

British and Common Wealth Armies
UKinf 200:     Infantry Starter Company 8th Army (100 figs)     $24.99
UKinf 201:     Infantry with SMG 8th Army (24) 
UKinf 202:     Infantry with Rifle 8th Army (24)
UKinf 203:     Infantry Platoon Support Weapons and Command 8th Army (24)
UKinf 204:     Infantry Company Support Weapons 8th Army (24)
UKinf 205:     Artillery Crews 8th Army (24)

UK101:      2 Sherman III Fire Fly 
UK103:      2 Valentine MKI 
UK104:      2 Valentine MKIII
UK105:      2 Bishop 
UK106:      2 Valentine Mk IX/XI
UK107:      2 Valentine Mk I with Sand Guards
UK108:      2 Valentine Mk III with Sand Guards
UK109:      2 Bishop with Sand Guards
Uk110:      2 Valentine Mk IX/XI with Sand Guards
UK401:      2 AEC Matador Truck Cargo
UK402:      2 Dorchester Command van with Awning
UK403:      2 Bedford OY Lorry Cargo
UK404:      2 Bedford OY Lorry Tanker
UK405:      2 Bedford OX Lorry Cargo
UK406:      2 Morris Quad & Limber
UK407:      2 CMP 3 Ton Cargo 
UK408:      2 CMP 3 Ton Empty
UK409:      2 CMP 3 Ton Gas Tank
UK410:      2 CMP 3 Ton Tilt Box
UK412:      2 Bedford  QLB
UK501:      2 25 pd Gun
UK502:      2 2pd Gun
UK503:      2 6pd Gun

GERinf100:   100 Man Infantry Starter Pack  $24.99
GERinf102:   24 Riflemen
GERinf103:   12 MG42 Prone
GERinf104:   12 MG42 Tripod
GERinf105:   12 Panzerschreck
GERinf106:   8 Mortar & Crew
GERinf107:   24 Command
GERinf200:   Starter Company DAK (100 figs)     $24.99
GERinf201:   Infantry with SMG DAK (24 figs)
GERinf202:   Infantry with Rifle DAK (24 figs)
GERinf203:   Infantry Platton Support Weapons and Command Pack DAK (24 figs)
GERinf204:   Infantry Company Support Weapons Pack DAK (24 figs)
GERinf205:   DAK Artillery Crews (24)

GER101:      2 PzKw II
GER102:      2 PzKw 38(t)
GER103:      2 PzKw III Ausf J
GER104:      2 PzKw III Ausf M (Schurtzen)
GER105:      2 PzKw IV, AUSF F1 (75mm L24)
GER106:      2 PzKw IV, AUSF F2 (75mm L48)
GER107:      2 PzKw IV, AUSF H (Schurtzen)
GER6108:      2 PzKw V, Panther AUSF G (Schurtzen)
GER109:      2 PzKw VIa, Tiger I Ausf E
GER201:      2 Stug III AUSF E 75L24, 75mmL48
GER202:      2 Stug III AUSF E 75L48, 105mm(Schurtzen)
GER203:      2 Hetzer
GER204:      2 Marder III 75mm
GER205:      2 Marder III 76mm
GER206:      2 JgPz IV Lang 75mm L70
GER207:      2 SiG 33 PzKfw II (2) (Mounted 150mm Infantry Gun)
GER208:      2 Wespe (2)
GER301:      2 SdKfz 234/1 20mm Armored Car
GER302:      2 SdKfz 234/2 Puma Armored Car
GER303:      2 SdKfz 234/3 Armored Car
GER304:      2 Sdkfz 234/4 Armored Car
GER305:      2 Sdkfz 251/1D Halftrack
GER401:      4 Kubelwagen
GER402:      2 Opel Blitz 1 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck
GER403:      2 Opel Blitz 3 Ton Cargo Truck
GER404:      2 Opel Blitz 3 Ton Tanker/Office Truck
GER501:      2 PAK 40 75mm
GER502:      2 LE FH-18 Guns
GER503:      SiG33 150mm Infantry Gun (2)
GER901:      Transport Company (12 Assorted Trucks)

Soviet Union
SOVinf 100: 100 Man Infantry Starter Pack  $24.99
SOVinf 102: 24 Riflemen
SOVinf 103: 18 LMGs
SOVinf 104: 12 HMGs
SOVinf 105: 18 Anti-Tank Rifle Teams
SOVinf 106: 8 Mortars & Crew
SOVinf 107: 24 Command
SOVinf 108: 12 Mounted Cossacks
SOVinf 109: 24 Dismounted Cossacks
SOVinf 110: 24 Artillery Crew

SOV101:     2 KV-1, Model 1940
SOV102:     2 KV-2
SOV103:     2 T34/76, Model 1940
SOV104:     2 T34/76, Model 1943
SOV105:     2 T34/76, Model 1943 ChTz Turret
SOV106:     2 T34/85, Model 1943
SOV107:     2 T-70
SOV201:     2 SU-85
SOV202:     2 SU-100
SOV301:     2 BA-10 Armored Car
SOV401:     4 GAZ 67 Car
SOV402:     2 GAZ AA Truck Cargo
SOV403:     2 GAZ AAA Truck Cargo
SOV404:     2 GAZ AAA Truck Office
SOV405:     2 ZIS 5 Truck Cargo
SOV406:     2 ZIS 6 Truck Cargo
SOV501:     2 76.2mm M36 AT Gun

ITInf201:  Italian Infantry with Rifle (24) 
ITInf202:  Italian Infantry with Automatic Weapons (24)
ITInf203:  Italian Command (24)
ITInf205:  Italian Infantry with Heavy Weapons (24)
ITInf206:  Italian Artillery Crew (24)
ITInf208:  Bersaglieri with Rifle (24)
ITInf209:  Bersaglieri with Automatic Weapons (24)
IT501      20mm Anti-Tank Gun

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American Civil War

ACW001:    Kepi, Backpack, Marching
ACW002:    Kepi, Backpack, Advancing
ACW003:    Kepi, Backpack, Charging
ACW004:    Kepi, Backpack, Loading
ACW005:    Kepi, Backpack, Firing
ACW006:    Kepi, Backpack, Command
ACW012:    Kepi, Blanketroll, Advancing
ACW013:    Kepi, Blanketroll, Charging
ACW014:    Kepi, Blanketroll, Loading
ACW015:    Kepi, Blanketroll, Firing
ACW016:    Kepi, Blanketroll, Command
ACW021:    Iron Brigade, Marching
ACW022:    Iron Brigade, Advancing
ACW023:    Iron Brigade, Charging
ACW024:    Iron Brigade, Loading
ACW025:    Iron Brigade, Firing
ACW026:    Iron Brigade, Command
ACW031:    Soft Hat, Blanketroll, Marching
ACW032:    Soft Hat, Blanketroll, Advancing
ACW033:    Soft Hat, Blanketroll, Charging
ACW034:    Soft Hat, Blanketroll, Loading
ACW035:    Soft Hat, Blanketroll, Firing
ACW036:    Soft Hat, Blanketroll, Command
ACW042:    Sack Coats & Slouch Hats, Advancing
ACW043:    Sack Coats & Slouch Hats, Charging
ACW044:    Sack Coats & Slouch Hats, Loading
ACW045:    Sack Coats & Slouch Hats, Firing
ACW046:    Sack Coats & Slouch Hats, Command
ACW071:    Zoaves, Fez, Marching
ACW076:    Zoaves, Fez, Command
ACW082:    Zoaves, Straw Hat, Advancing
ACW086:    Zoaves, Straw Hat, Command

ACW101:   Cavalry, Kepi, Saber at Ready
ACW102:   Cavalry, Kepi, Saber at Attack
ACW103:   Cavalry, Kepi, Carbine
ACW104:   Cavalry, Kepi, Pistol
ACW105:   Cavalry, Kepi, Command
ACW122:   Cavalry, Softhat, Waving Saber
ACW123:   Cavalry, Softhat, Carbine
ACW124:   Cavalry, Softhat, Pistol
ACW125:   Cavalry, Softhat, Command
ACW141:   Dismounted Cavalry, Kepi, Firing
ACW142:   Dismounted Cavalry, Kepi, Kneeling
ACW143:   Dismounted Cavalry, Kepi, Horseholders
ACW151:   Dismounted Cavalry, Softhat, Firing
ACW152:   Dismounted Cavalry, Softhat, Kneeling
ACW153:   Cavalry, Softhat, Horseholders

ACW201:   Napoleon Gun                  $6.99
ACW202:   Rifled Gun                    $6.99
ACW221:   Artillery Crew in Kepi        $6.99
ACW222:   Artillery Crew in Softhat     $6.99
ACW241:   Limber, Riders and Horses     $6.99
ACW242:   Exta Limber Horses and Riders $6.99

ACW301:   Mounted Officers in Kepi
ACW302:   Mounted Officers in Softhat

ACW401:   Dead men
ACW402:   Dead Horses
ACW403:   Wrecked Gun

ACW500:   "Breakthrough" Marker
ACW501:   "Low Ammo" Marker
ACW700:   Union Army 100 Man Starter Pack        $24.99
ACW701:   Confederate Army 100 Man Starter pack  $24.99

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Franco-Prussian War

FPW-F001:  French Infantry Advancing
FPW-F002:  French Infantry Command
FPW-F003:  French Turco Zoaves
FPW-F005:  French Turban Zoaves
FPW-F007:  French Chasseurs a' Pied
FPW-F010:  French Chasseurs a' Cheval
FPW-F011:  French Chasseurs a' Cheval Command
FPW-F012:  French Cuirassier
FPW-F013:  French Cuirassier Command
FPW-F014:  French Hussars
FPW-F015:  French Hussar Command
FPW-F016:  French Lancers
FPW-F017:  French Lancer Command
FPW-F018:  French Mounted Dragoons
FPW-F019:  French Mounted Dragoon Command
FPW-F020:  French Artillery Crew
FPW-F021:  French 4 Pounder Cannon
FPW-F025:  French Mitrailleuse (3 with Crew)
FPW-F030:  French Marine Infantry
FPW-F040:  French Mounted Officers
FPW-F100:  French 100 Man Starter Pack $24.99

FPW-P001:  Prussian Infantry Advancing
FPW-P002:  Prussian Infantry Command
FPW-P003:  Prussian Jager Advancing
FPW-P004:  Prussian Jager Command
FPW-P005:  Prussian Infantry Advancing, Blanketroll
FPW-P006:  Bavarian Infantry Advancing
FPW-P007:  Bavarian Command
FPW-P008:  Wurttemburg Infantry Advancing
FPW-P010:  Prussian Hussars
FPW-P011:  Prussian Hussar Command
FPW-P012:  Prussian Cuirassier
FPW-P013:  Prussian Cuirassier Command
FPW-P014:  Prussian Uhlans
FPW-P015:  Prussian Uhlan Command
FPW-P020:  Prussian Artillery Crew
FPW-P021:  Prussian Krupp Gun
FPW-P022:  Bavarian Artillery Crew
FPW-P023:  Prussian Artillery Limber
FPW-P040:  Prussian Mounted Officers
FPW-P100:  Prussian 100 Man Starter Pack $24.99
FPW-P200:  Bavarian 100 Man Starter Pack $24.99

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1879 Zulu War Range

COL B001:  British Infantry Advancing
COL B002:  British Infantry Firing
COL B003:  British Command
COL B005:  British Gating Guns (2 Guns, 6 Crew) $6.99
COL B006:  British Field Guns                   $6.99
COL B007:  British Artillery Crew
COL B008:  British Artillery Limber
COL B009:  British Ox Wagon
COL B010:  British Mounted Officers
COL B020:  British Heavy Cavalry
COL B022:  British Lancers
COL B030:  Natal Native Horse
COL B100:  British 100 Man Starter Pack         $24.99

COL Z001:  Zulus with Rifle and Spear
COL Z050:  Oxen
COL Z100:  Zulu 100 Man Starter Pack            $24.99


Imperial Romans
ROM-001  Roman Command (22 figures)
ROM-002  Roman Infantry with Pilum (18 figures)
ROM-003  Roman Infantry with Gladius (18 figures)
ROM-004  4 Ballistas 12 crew

Germans and Dacian
BAR-001 German Infantry w/Swords (18 figures)
BAR-002 German Infantry w/Spears (18 figures)
BAR-003 Dacians (18 figures)
BAR-004 German Infantry w/Bows (24 figures)
BAR-101 German Cavalry w/Swords (12 figures)
BAR-102 German Cavalry w/Spears (12 figures)

Starter Sets  Code           Description Price           Contents
American Civil War Union Starter Set NBL20002 American Civil War Union Starter Set $39.99 120 Infantry Figures 16 Infantry Command Figures
4 Cannons
16 Artillerists
2 Limbers w/4 Mounted Drivers and 4 Horses
4 Mounted Generals
8 Ground Markers (Dead Horses,Men,Wrecked Guns)
24 1"x7/8" Metal Bases
6 1"x1 1/2" Metal Bases
American Civil War Confederate Starter Set NBL20001 American Civil War Confederate Starter Set $39.99 120 Infantry Figures 16 Infantry Command Figures
4 Cannons
16 Artillerists
2 Limbers w/4 Mounted Drivers and 4 Horses
4 Mounted Generals
8 Ground Markers (Dead Horses,Men,Wrecked Guns)
24 1"x7/8" Metal Bases
6 1"x1 1/2" Metal Bases